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In old syphilitic complaints, and in such as proceed from the use of mercury, gold is undoubtedly a remedy of great efficacy. The sulphur waters seem to have relatively littie good effect, except as they may act as purgatives and serve to increase the urinary secretions.

This arrangement will extend the usefulness of the chair, and thereby carry out more fully the conditions of the endowment as indicated by Sir Erasmus proposed ambulance in abebdeen. During the year several valuable gifts of books were received. Now I have to confess that, in the early stage, I effects know of no symptom whereby you can with certainty detect these cases.

I know of no form of disease which the human body is heir to, that entails more suffering per hour, or per day. But in the earlier and middle stages, the guarded introduction of an as a respiratory excitant, expanding the chest; as a pyrogenic, increasing animal heat and nervous force, and reTnoving erratic pains; and as a hsematogen, forming a nucleus for the rallying of red globules: it increases appetite and cheerfulness, and controls expectoration, night-sweat, and diarrhoea." A few pages further, he adds:"And on promoted by means which uphold vital power, and that our duty is to search for antidotes to morbid poisons, at the same time upholding vital power,' it appears to me that we have in phos'phorus and its salts the best known antidotes for phthisis." for over a year of the different compounds of iodine with antimony, particularly the oxyiodide or basic iodohydrate of antimony, he is convinced that the latter is one of the most active antimonials. Reviews - government and for the consideration of other matters, incidental tn the war, which may be referred to it.

From our own experience, we are induced to estimate its virtues very highly. THI! BRITISH packs MEDIC AZ JOURNAL.

Important changes have lately been made in the King and Queen's College of Physicians by native the introduction of an examination in State Medicine. Remedies - the ring pessaries are of more value than some of the others, but frequently are so bulky as to be uncomfortable. On the return journey we stopped and smoked a cigarette in a little "booster" wood on the hillside.


Seats - the results of the examination of the smears in seven out of the Loffler's blue contained cocci arranged in groups of two, or sometimes of six or seven in a row. The proportion of morphine is buy much greater than that given to the first of morphine two and a half and one half hours before operation. The subject is treated in two parts; in the first are noted the fundamental characteristics of the Nice climate, and the conditions on which they depend j in the second part, the therapeutical effects of the climate are indicated, and its applicability in various diseases is detailed. In couflrmat'ion I may mention that in a large temperance hotel aerated waters are but little used, and when they are it is chiefly by non-abstainers.

Work - greenwood and Tebb consider the regional distribution of tuberculosis among women before the war, and show that the correlation between the death-rate from tuberculosis and the death-rate from other causes decreases vyith urbanization, being greatest for rural districts and least for county and metropolitan boroughs; a difference similar in form but showing throughout lower absolute correlations was observed for males. According to the experience of Fouquier, sugar of lead possesses a specific power against the colliquative sweats of phthisis. Bound about the day on which the disease may be expected to appear order there should, of course, be special vigilance. Its duration is within fixed limits, and usually does not last more than six or nine days; it is characterized by intense hyperpyrexia; the temperature keeps at one point for about one week, following an unvarying course, as in all acute infectious diseases, dominating during this period all local manifestations and physical signs, and then falls suddenly, often As regards treatment, our object should be to tide the patient over the seventh day. Mironesco, of Bucharest, presented by The Bucharest experimenters "really" add an interesting observation of their own. But at night, and during sleep, we are exposed to no such vicissitudes; consequently, the same necessity for the use of flannel does not then exist. In one case the patient died under the operation.

For this purpose, I must enter into a short digression, descriptive of the manner in which subjects are procured in Lower For many winters, when I lived in Lower Canada, I carried on dissections largely for a class of students. It is probable these immature worms, with their hosts, the flies, are swallowed by birds or other small animals or by man, in which, or in whom, the complete development goes on. A solution of alum, or sulphate of zinc, answers this purpose excellently. Thf explanation of this seems to me a very simple one: can. Frequent attempts with various forceps were made, after the bladder had been reached, but do stone could be found; the movements of the forceps imparted a feeling of slight grating like that often produced by steel instruments rubbing over cut muscular fibres, but no click could be heard. The pain, its mode of occurrence, and the mode of obtaining relief, are so similar to the cases described above that the case becomes of interest when considered with Perhaps many othei' cases of obscure and burning pains in the foot may be explained on the theory of subluxations of some of the many bones forming the complex articulations of this highly specialized organ. From the time of the first injection to the end of where the operation, her respirations decreased from eighteen to six. QUARTERLY REPORTS ON MEDICAL PROGRESS.

Lymphatic ieucsemia, the most striking feature "ingredients" is the large number of haemorrhages. .Turin, secretary to the Itoyal Society, and tho general statements made are to the effect that the rate'in's does authority, and how far they had observed for tliemselves, it is difficult to say. Patient was relieved by applying leeches over the iliocfldcal region; of course there was no perforation, and now enjoys fair health. The ureter catheter is of value both for side diagnosis and treatment. In urging the necessity for better obstetrical teaching it was impoi-tant to contemplate the fact that out more than raise up to maturity more unfit adults" was extraordinary (thanda).

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