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The chief diseases treated at Contrexeville are gravel, gout diseases of the bladder and prostate, diabetes, and hepatic colic.


" It is a singular fact that more patients recover after reaction from a complete and overwhelming concussion of the whole nervous system immediately following an injury, than afier some of the apparently more moderate forms of shock. Various order types of deformed pelves are but expressions of an abnormal constitutional condition. Sleeplessness is usually a source of discomfort and more or less prostration, sleep being prevented by pain on change of position and the perspirations. The heart was found to be healthv, but the brain The same journal of the previous week reports the death from chloroform, in private i)ractice, of a man to whom the from the use of a mixture of equal parts of ether and chloroform, administered preparatory to the amputation of a finger by Dr: amazon. When he first consulted me some six weeks since, I could only with the a certain cure. In these latter cases it has, however, been observed, that the vessels have been greatly developed, and more particularly the veins, and that the evident difficulty in the circulation produced, at this period, the appearance of varicose swellings and serous infiltration. Says, in a recent article that among the preventable afflicatious of the human race is the blindness resulting from the purulent ophthalmia of infants. There is no department of our science in which so little is known, or in which more light seems capable Dr. The wound healed kindly, the wire ligature occasioning no buy inconvenience.

All this appeared to be the result of motion, communicated to the nervous centre, by prizing out the edges of the parietal bones, which first excited general muscular contractions, and a gasping respiration, whereby the vital spark, not quite extinguished, was again lighted up.

Happily advancing science has given us a method by which it can be discovered in the earliest stages. I saw where him perform his operation for ruptured perineum, but this has been described in at least one text-book well known to the American profession, so that I shall not attempt a description, and, at any rate, words without diagrams would be useless or confusing. In the case of a patient of mine aflected with ascites from disease of the heart, liver, and kidneys, Mr.

A case was recently reported in the Medical Record in which the patient had an adherent prepuce: online. In this direction the probe advances very readily into "to" the upper end of the ureter and the pelvis of the kidney. Active hydragogues and the hot-air bath ai"e indicated. There was no evidence of a decidua at any time during the illness. The serum had been obtained from sheep's blood.

Here the lowest temperatures are experienced in December, there being a decided advance to the others; their lowest degrees being above the freezing point, and their highest four or more degrees above the highest of December. If the French make distinctions where the English do not, are we to accord to the former superior powers of discrimination? The English, Scotch, and Irish physicians have given evidence of talent and industry in the investigation of febrile pathology not surpassed, we think, by the medical men of any country. Simpson) had an impression that the ordinary length of handle gave greater facility in the manipulation of the forceps, especially in cases where there was some difficulty in locking the blades. The great majority of cases of Bright's disease are furthermore appropriately called diffuse nephritis, on the ground that all the constituents of the kidney, namely, the interstitial tissue, the uriniferous tubes, and the bloodvessels, be understood as implying tliat the morbid process affects uniformly the kidney tissue. Here a struggle takes place that results in a victory for the cells, the latter closing around these fungus spores, devouring them and finally destroying them by eyevecting a process of"intra-cellular digestion." In this case the action is very simple, but in the case of other animals and man the process is not so simple. I saw the bread, and thought it very inferior; it smelled sour, and was heavy and gluey." On this evidence, says the above journal, Mr. We now and then meet with transitory fits of temper and perversity in children which in adults would be put down as temporary insanity.

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