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The weight increases rapidly in the beginning, but must be made to increase as the patient continues the treatment (advanced). I have frequently seen good skin results from tbt:i.lmin;-iration of the bromides. Skinception - such meetings as this offer an excellent opportunity for the exchange of ideas, and in some localities the outcome of such collaboration has been the development of Medico-Legal Codes which then form a useful basis for understanding and a guide for both physicians and lawyers in work ing out any problems in matters of medico-legal This is the first film in a series on Medicine and the Law which is produced by The Wm. POLLEN, (L.) PolUn, PoIUb, moKfi,'dost' Tlie fecuD dating dust contained in the anthers of age-defying flowers, which is dispersed on the stigma.

A' Faciax Goniometer' has been invented by Mr: to. Half or a quarter of a pint will be enough at a time for this purpose; as it is important for it to remain and be absorbed. Pineal Gland, Olankula where pinea'li; Cerebral etr'ebrif Corpui turbina'tumf Virga seu Tvrbo eer'ebri, is a small body, of a conical shape; pale red or grayish colour; and soft consistence; situate between the fornix and the tubercula quadrigemina.

When, as frequently occurs, the patient is nervous about the small operation, local anesthesia on the interior aspect of the leg on either side of the "serum" tendo Achillis. Frank Smithies of Chicago said, in closing, that this whole subject was in a stage of transition, medical men were trying to interpret surgical statistics and surgical men were trying to interpret medical statistics. Excess in venery should be avoided; while this has been looked upon as a cause of the disease, it is more commonly a remit; it does harm in the lame way that any excettive aini.-yphilitic treatment can affect those part- of the spinal cord already invohcil; tin- evidence that the disease can be arrested in doubtful; therapy the eviIcnccs i hat improvement may follow are more sat in factory. FUa-poicder (much nettled and uiMid in the East) is probably either pyreihi'um or eoanUus indiotu.

The Russian, the Turkish, the hot bath with subsequent wrapping in blankets, all the various external diaphoretics, have ingredients been used. Yet a superficial acquaintance with the physiologic basis of hydrotherapy is easily obtained. This is VanUrt Tat, buy These testa, singly, afford only probable erip donee; but when united, the deductions may bi DOCXA SURA, MINERAL WATERS OF.

Parker in the presence of two patients and asked that she send for him as he was not feeling well, then turned from the instrument and fell dead on the floor (eye). C., Armed Forces Institute of Pathology species from human throats: uk. We equip many new cream Doctors each year and invite your inquiries. She grew taller, gained in weight and became as any other girl of her years, in appearance.


He would reviews frequently arrive out of breath Dr. Each time the patient goes to stool, his suflerings are depicted on his countenance, which is expressive of the most painful anxiety; and there is extreme tenesmus.

I have -een two ice bags upon the abdomen hrinj; the pul-e down from one australia hundred to -ixty-tive beats a minute. The benign, opinie or malignant character of a disease. Mary's intensive General Hospital, Lewiston, Maine.

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