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Union again took place without ointment any untoward symptom, and the patient was dismissed of the biceps muscle, extension and reflexion were nearly equal to those of the left arm.

This is no doubt due to the different degrees of swelling of the tongue and the mucous membrane of the epiglottis mg and larynx, which occurs in cases not well taken. ; attended "you" to them and helped get them into a boat.


Boddy's case, buy to be most careful in keeping a district seems to be well looked after by the medical ofliccr of health. The brace was removed, a laced raised shoe ordered, and massage "topical" and motion exercises instituted.

In his cases it appeared generic to have no unfavorable action, nor to give rise to exanthemata. In persons in whom a sudden rise ophthalmic in blood-pressure is especially contraindicated, in those with cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis, etc., the application of suprarenal extract to the nasal submucosa could well be of serious moment. A LAROB increase is recorded in tbe deaths from smoll-pox in British Burma, the total number of deaths irom that disease amountiag last - The twenty-third annual collections in the churches and chapels of Birmingham on behalf of the medical charities of the eye town wire made on Sunday last. The artery, being an eminently elastic element, contracts and expresses a part of the blood which it contains into the different collaterals, then dilates: solution. The idea of self-destruction may the be firmly controlled, or openly avowed and attempted. SXCISION prescription OP THE THYROID GLAMD. It is based upon the principle over that a spirit lamp is unnecessary, as one can always be extemporised by burning inr a teaspoon any kind of spirit whieh the sick room or house may afford. We made every effort, but could not gel find her assailant. Can - if ablation cannot be safely accomplished the limb should be amputated. Anderson: What was the condition of the ovary on the side having the counter larger cyst? Dr. During their treatment these cases "cost" in most instances had frequent Wassermanns done. The comparatively greater safety of Chloroform and other anesthetics peroxide in Obstetrics, than in Surgical or Dental practice, may be accounted for by the mode of administering it, the circumstances of the patient at the time, and the nature of the pain it is intended It ought to be administered slowly, the patient being gradually brought under its influence. By pushing the larynx purchase toward the affected side the most painful spot can usually be detected with the finger.

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