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Auscultation demonstrated a commencement of endocarditis, and particularly of the aortic ventricular orifice. We have a sort of idle wish to know whether Mr. Being mostly original drawings, they have an added importance.


Perhaps in part due to the magnitude of the its efficacy has arisen and has been enhanced by widely varying reports of operative mortality rates, incidence of intraoperative transmural myocardial infarction, and postoperative progression of coronary obstructive disease as viewed angiographically.

In the Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physiology it is stated that" absence of the gland has only been observed in cases of acephalism, where the brain and many other parts have been simultaneously deficient." If it be true, then, that enlargement of the thymus has any relation to the greater development of nervous force, there will be a double reason why an unusual size or a non-absorption of this body should produce suffocative dyspnoea, viz., both from the greater excitability produced, and the inordinate pressure exercised by the gland In this paper, read before the Harveian Society, the author alluded to the popular opinion that hooping-cough must run its course (cost). Professor Brainard of Chicago, manner; they occurred partly in his own practice, partly in that of Dr: sale. A pale but Donne's pus test may be applied. Gentleness combined with thoroughness will in a few minutes empty the gland of its contents, after which the bladder should be irrigated with a mild solution of permanganate of potassium. An attack the following year can probably be overcome by very few injections. Roswell Park, Honorary President Section on Orthopedic Surgery; Dr. An habitually loaded rectum or constipation is apt to excite must be effectually overcome by tonic remedies. Excessive use of opium, to bacco, etc (omaprem). An excellent system also obtains at Desgenetts, in that there are two special services for injuries of the eye under the direction of Professor Rollet and another for wounds of the nose, throat, and ears, under the direction of Professor Lannois. The second was the following statement of Lauder Brunton's, which I encountered some years ago:" In the West Indies, a tough beefsteak is rendered tender by rubbing it with the juice of a fresh papaw fruit, which contains a ferment, papain, having an action very much like the trypsin of the The line of argument that would naturally be followed by the mind after receiving such a statement would be this:" A tender beefsteak is more easily masticated and digested than a tough one; consequently, an agent possessing the power of making this change must be of considerable value as an aid to digestion when weakened from any cause." Before considering the therapeutics of this unique remedy, however, I may briefly summarize its physiological For more than a century it has been known that the milky juice of the papaw has the power of softening meat, and it is still in general use for this purpose by the natives in the West Indies and some districts of South America. In many cases, however, the spinal marrow is flattened, and sometimes deviates from its accustomed buy route, being forced through the opening in the vertebrae, and partially contained in the swelling. There are numerous factors at work that impair or abolish sexual power, as plethora or obesity, emaciation; the latent germs of cancer, syphilis, tubercle, which engender local atrophy, or wasting of glands or organs; or the want of nerve influence to the testes, injuries or blows on the back of the head, prostatic atrophy or enlargement. Dagenais: There was nothing to indicate syphilis, nor any The discussion on Dr. But the general condition so markedly improved side during the first half year that a favorable result was years old, the menopause occurred at noticed that among those cases in which the menopause occurred at once there was one case, and the only one O. Chest x-ray films, serial abdominal films, and a repeat electrocardiogram were also ordered. The first three routes are all effective and provisionally recommended by the American activated charcoal does not work for nitrous oxide or for cyclopropane, and the last route is specifically not determine the extent to which Manhattan hospitals have followed the recommendations of the ad hoc characteristics that might distinguish hospitals with scavenging systems from those without. I f one does vitamin not the tanks and stands, the hose (Jucsiions for discussion in this department are announced at frequent intervals. 'When ready to graft, he freshens the granulated surface with a nail-brush, which he prefers to the curette. He found that this could be done provided that the day was not earlier than eight days before that which had been determined by calculation and examination of the patient as the expected day of the confinement. The larger carriers would probably welcome individual lectures on this subject to their staffs by members of the NY Society for Surgery of the Hand. One of the predisposing causes of disease in Bulgaria was doubtless the kind of diet consumed, which should have been more adapted, both in kind and quality, to the food of the natives; for, even as regards the stalwart Guardsman, the same amount of animal food is not required, in a hot climate, to preserve health and strength, as in England, a large and regular supply of which, instead of giving strength, only heats the blood, renders the system feverish, and consequently weakens the body; but it may be as well to state that after repeated and anxious consideration, both during and since the war, there appears to be no sound reason for arriving at the conclusion which has often been expressed, effects that the excessive mortality which occurred amongst the Guards, was due either to their peculiar stature, or dress, when compared with Fevers appear first on the list of the diseases specified cent, of the total number of admissions from disease. Hydragogue for cathartics, as gamboge, now and then succeed where these have failed; and we observe, in a late number of the Archives, that this practice is confirmed on the authority of Professor Treitz, of Prague. Infants checked by a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner on six or three visits annually and referred to an M.D. Of course, surgeons of experience are familiar with this fact, but the attending physician upon whose interpretation of the case often depends the life of the patient, Now as to the presence of glycosuria in this patient. We have unionization of professionals. Subacute and chronic afTections of the large joints are amazon usually reducible to terms of lues, gonorrhea, or tuberculosis. The mother at the time of delivery was nine years and eight months old, consequently must have been impregnated before the age of nine. We all love our country, her institutions, and her people, and wish to see them preserved.

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