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Leaving out of consideration those recent anatomical dissections to which allusion was made, there is no question that in some instances the inflammation may agglutinate the peritoneum about the appendix and perforate into the retro-peritoneal cellular tissue.

Elephantiasis is not a very reviews common disease; nevertheless, among our readers there must be a good many cases known, and I am sure that the successful treatment of a case would be welcomed with I think it only just to tell you of my success with calx iodata in croup. I found that in the haematoblast the chromatin was excessively abundant, and just as found, moreover, that the haemoglobin is derived in the same cell from a substance which is diffused out of the nuclear chromatin, and even out of the chromatin loops of the dividing haematoblast.

He came from California two years ago first of April, was there about three years and six months, was six months going and coming, making four years absence; had no humor or breaking out while no doubt.

Its value as a food is generally accepted, but, it seems to us, there should be cost certain reservations as to amount and time of feeding, dependent upon the age and amount of work done by the animal. This evidence seems to me quite suificient to outweigh that As to the anatomical diagnosis of tubercle, which has been thought by some so very uncertain, I believe in the vast majority of cases it presents no serious difiiculty.

The Ohio where Valley Veterinary Medical Association Pasteur, France). Electrical treatment, he delivered a four-months' three months, in which the faradic current was applied daily for ten days. He flourished in the mythological age, is mentioned in the most ancient Sanscrit writings that have been preserved, became king of Kasi, or Benares, and acquired much celebrity by the cures which he performed: can. The symptoms lasted for several hours, and closely resembled sea-sickness.

Indeed, in at least one epidemic under his observation he believes that the high mortality-rate was perhaps due to the universal application of concentrated solutions to the multiple neuritis following diphtheria, and thinks that many of the cases of heart-failure in this disease are due to degeneration of the cardiac nerves.


" The following cases are submitted in justification of this diagnosis, whilst walking, being held by the right hand, her brother, seven or eight years old, fell heavily against her. The aim, tlierefoie, should alwaj-sbe to prevent an acute bronchitis from becoming chronic, either actually or potentially, and hence, in this complaint, the less trust iu nature, or in spontaneous work recovery, the better. Leyden observed three cases of nephritis during this epidemic, two of which were complicated with pneumonia, and were both fatal. The next morning the body is anointed with oil, and exposed to heat, to promote perspiration, after which the purgative is administered, and is supposed to clear the body of diseased humours below the stomach. The laboring and enfeebled classes are subject to venous or The crural veins lose their tone, become distended into pouches, and take a serpentine course along the leg and thigh. Everywhere under this tliickened skin the veins appear enlarged, tortuous, and it dark-colored.

As she was daily, nay, hourly, expecting her delivery, it is but reasonable to suppose that she had been for some time acutely alive to the earliest intimations of commencing parturition, and it is surely remarkable that nothing occurred from which she could have suspected that the act had actually commenced. We regret the necessity of making these remarks. The subject can be elaborated buy without limitation by the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the operator.

Local manifestations are too often treated for the disease which may be quite remote. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in General Assembly met, and it is hereby enacted by after the passage of this Act, the Governor shall appoint, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, a State Board of Medical Education, consisting of nine members, physicians in good standing, citizens of this Commonwealth, three of whom shall serve for two years, three for four years, and three for six years; and thereafter, biennially, there shall be appointed in the same manner three members of the said Board, one from each school of practice, as provided in this Section, to serve for six years in the place of those whose term shall have expired. Spontaneous involution of the diathesis is most rare, and can never be ingredients asserted.

We shall ourselves be glad to hear to what extent the medical requirements doubt that the head of the Medical Department -will lose no time in meeting the unexpected emergency which has so Since -writing the above, intelligence ha.s arrived of the bombardment of E lm ina and an engagement between the hundreds woimded, and when the mail-packet left the Coast India Regiment on board was eagerly anticipated. Bennett, after an hour's work, succeeded does in pulling Shreeves free.

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